Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter
Berea, Kentucky

Judith Carol Dean Carr, Regent
Barbara Ann Parsons Walters, Vice Regent
Ruth Rogers Hawkins, Chaplain
Kimberly Yvette Crase Claytor, Recording Secretary
Linda Katherine Owens Jennings, Corresponding Secretary
Linda Katherine Owens Jennings, Treasurer
Brenda Sue Williams Moss, Registrar
Chyrl Jean Burgett Morgan, Historian
Shirey Carol Agee Barrier, Libarian
Linda Katherine Owens Jennings, Honorary Regent

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The Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized March 22, 1930, with the following members: Mrs. C. H. Burdette, Mrs. R. R. Coyle, Mrs. J. L. Gay, Mrs. W. F. Hays, Mrs. J. M. Kinnard, Mrs. Ellen H. Mitchell, Mrs. Janet M. Murbach, Mrs. I. N. Odell, Mrs. T. J. Osborne, Mrs. J. F. Smith, Mrs. J. W. Stephens, and Miss Grace Wright. Mrs. J. F. Smith was the organizing regent and also the first regent of the chapter.

The chapter takes its name from the town, Berea, and the great mountain region of the South where it is situated. This area was at one time called "The Great Laurel Ridge" or Cumberland Mountains. This wildflower, the laurel, still grows on many hills and rises, as in the Revolutionary days when the Indians and deer roamed the hill country. The name Berea is taken from the place mentioned in the New Testament, whose inhabitants were "more noble than those of Thessalonica, because they searched the Scriptures daily."