Butler County Chapter
Morgantown, Kentucky

Lynda O'Driskell, Regent
Alice Forgy, Vice Regent
Peggy Drake, Chaplain
Georgia Romans, Recording Secretary
Georgia Romans, Corresponding Secretary
Gladys Brooks Treasurer
Linda Deweese, Registrar
Reda Henderson, Historian
Laura Crafton, Librarian

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The Butler County Chapter NSDAR was first organized in March of 1950. The decision to name the organization the Butler County Chapter was to honor General Richard P. Butler for whom the county was named. General Butler was born in Ireland, later coming to Pennsylvania and was one of five sons who participated in the Revolutionary War.

The following is a list of the first officers of the chapter: Organizing Regent: Mrs. Vernon Hardcastle; chapter Regent: Hattie Berry Flener; Recording Secretary: Martha Spradlin; Corresponding Secretary: Dorothy Kent; Treasurer: Grace Martin; Registrar: Lucille Hood; Historian: Sallie Martin; Chaplain: Mable Householder; Librarian: Ethel J. Knight.

On December 13, the death of a member brought total membership to eleven. The chapter had one year to increase. Another extension was granted until December 13, 1967, however with no increase the chapter automatically disbanded on that date and all became members- at- large. The chapter applied for and received permission to reorganize on December 10, 1971. Since that time the chapter has been very active in working on NSDAR goals and activities. Regents since the reorganization include: Dorothy Kent, Jean Hocker, Ione Duke (2 terms), Christine Coleman, Alice Forgy (2 terms), Lois Russ, Jane Smith, Maxine Minton, Linda Deweese, Genevieve Jakle, Georgia Romans, Cynthia Hensley, Jane Smith, Jennifer Odle, Georgia Romans, Lynda Knight, Jane Eaton-Henderson, Georgia Romans, and the current Regent Jane Smith.


Austin, John MD PS
Barlow, Thomas VA PS
Beasley, William NC PVT
Bond, John NC CS
Brown, Samuel VA COL
Burchfield, Meshack NC PVT
Cannifax, William VA PS
Cardwell, Robert VA PVT
Carman, Caleb NJ PS
Carman, Joseph VA PVT
Cole, Zachary VA SOL
Coles, William Temple, Jr NC CAPT
Cox, John VA PS
Doty, Jeremiah SC CAPT PS
Doty, Sarah SC PS
Edmondson, William VA COL
Engler, David NJ SOL
Ford, James SC CAPT
Forgey, James NC PS PVT
Goorley, Hugh SC PS Sol
Harlan, John MD PS
Hay, William VA PS
Hinds(Hines), Henry VA PS
Irwin, Elizabeth SC PS
Irwin, John SC PS COL
Jones, James SC & NC PVT
Keown, Thomas SC SOL
Mcclanahan, Robert, Jr VA CAPT
Mcclung, John, Sr VA PS
Mcginnis, John MD PS
Mckenney, James VA PVT
Morrison, William NC PVT
Nall, James VA SOL
Oates, Jesse NC PVT
Phelps, Nicholas VA PS
Pitman, William VA LT
Porter, John, Jr VA NONCOM
Porter, John, Sr VA PS
Puckett, Jacob VA PVT
Rench, Andrew MD COL CS PS
Russell, James NC CS
Russell, William SC PS
Shultz, Matthias VA PVT
Smart, Laban NC PVT
Smart, Peter NC PS
Smith, Adam VA PS
Snoddy, John VA CS
Souder, Jacob VA PVT
Steele, James PA PVT
Sublett, Benjamin VA CPL
Taylor, Moses NC PS
Tillotson, John CT SOL
Vandall, Abraham NY PVT
Warren, James VA PS
Wiley, Benjamin MD PS
Womack, Abner NC PVT

Last updated August 2022.