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The chapter was named in honor of one of Trigg County's early settlers who had served with distinction in the fight for independence.

James Thomas, Jr. served in the 10th Regiment, Donoho's Company, under General Nathaniel Greene during the American Revolutionary War. Thomas was born in Bertle County, North Carolina, in 1760 and married Mary Standley in 1790. He migrated to Donaldson Creek in 1806, and settled on 200-acre Kentucky land grant. He was the first Thomas to permanently settle in the area upon his building a cabin. He was quite active in county affairs and served as justice of the peace.

Thomas fathered seven children, Cullen, Temperance, Starkie, Mary, Perry, and James, Jr., all born in North Carolina, and Stanley, born in Kentucky.

He died 1832 and is buried with wife in the family graveyard in Trigg County.

Office Title
Officer Name
Regent Virginia Dare Thomas Alexander
Vice Regent Alice Knight
Chaplain Martha Doom Maxfield
Recording Secretary Joyce Ann Gumkowski Davis
Corresponding Secretary Vickey Kay Oakley Lane
Treasurer Clara Gentry Lawrence (phone 270-522-8316)
Registrar Nina Thomas Alderson (phone 270-924-9772)
Historian Sarah Ashley Crowe (Ms.)
Librarian Pamela Aileen Thomas Metts
Parliamentarian Laura Redick Thomas
Chapter Honorary Regent and Leader Virginia Dare Thomas Alexander
THOMAS ADDISON of Virginia PETER LIGHT of Virginia
HENRY BALE of New Jersey JOHN LONG of Massachusetts
BENJAMIN BEARDEN of North Carolina PETER LOUX of Pennsylvania
SILAS BINGHAM of Connecticut JOHN MABRY of North Carolina
WILLIAM BRIDGES of North Carolina JOHN MEACHAM of Virginia
WILLIAM BROCKMAN of Virginia JOHN MILLEN of South Carolina
JOHN DENT of Maryland WILLIAM ROSS of North Carolina
JAMES EDRINGTON of South Carolina SIMON SAGE of Connecticul
THOMAS DAWSON of Virginia EDMUND STANLEY of North Carolina
NATHAN FUTRELL of North Carolina JAMES THOMAS, SR. of North Carolina
THOMAS HADLEY of Massachusetts JAMES THOMAS II of North Carolina
MILES HOLLOWELL of North Carolina JOHN TURNER of Virginia
ABSALOM HUMPHRIES of South Carolina JAMES WILKINS of South Carolina
WILLIAM LARKINS of North Carolina

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