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The name selected for the chapter was for a woman, who had the unusual experience of furnishing five sons to the American Revolution. She endured great hardship to make this area her home, after leaving the safety of Botetourt County, Virginia, and traveling forty days by pack horse over a mere bridle path to what is today Mercer County, Kentucky, while on guard for copper-colored foe.

Jane was born in Ireland. In 1735, she married James McAfee and four years later, moved to America and on into Kentucky. She was the mother of ten children. Jane died in 1783 at McAfee Station, located about five miles from Harrodsburg, Kentucky. All honor then, to those first settlers of Kentucky, including Jane McAfee, who made it possible for us to say, "So this is OUR country, when did the world ever witness so great and glorious a Republic?"

Office Title
Officer Name
Regent Myrgle Huffman
Vice Regent Elizaeth M. Allison
Chaplain Andora Trower
Recording Secretary Elizabeth Sale
Corresponding Secretary Elizabeth Sale
Treasurer Frances Brock
Registrar Diana Rose
Historian Joyce C. Sanders
Librarian Shirley Walker

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