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This chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized in Ghent in February 1948. It was named for Polly Hawkins Craig who, during the American Revolutionary War, was at Bryan Station when it was attacked at sunrise on August 16, 1782, by six hundred Tories, Canadian Rangers and the Indians under the leadership of Alexander McKee. She helped defend the fort until late afternoon, when part of a relief force arrived from Lexington, and then later care for the wounded.

She was the mother of Lewis Craig, leader of the "Traveling Church," who along with his mother, six brothers including John, Benjamin and Elijah (all Baptist preachers) and two hundred followers left Spotsylvania County, Virginia, in 1781. Immigrating to Kentucky, they held religious meetings all through the wilderness communities on their way, escaping religious persecution in Virginia.


Office Title
Officer Name
Regent Joyce Ann Merriss Rutledge
Vice Regent Nancy Jo Grobmyer
Chaplain JoAnna E. Haymond
Treasurer Virginia Anderson
Registrar Susan Hedges
Historian Susan Hedges

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