Corn Island Chapter
Louisville, Kentucky

Julia Hood, Regent
Susan Kimberly Dixon Kalmey, First Vice Regent
Heather Potter, Second Vice Regent
Pamela Shergur, Chaplain
Lindsey Palgy, Recording Secretary
Elaine Alston Cherry Wood, Corresponding Secretary
Maureen Samuels, Treasurer
Pamela Dee Acquaviva Kalbfleisch, Registrar
Mary Popham, Historian
Amity Kim Owens Miller Thodoropoulos, Librarian

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The name Corn Island was chosen for Kentucky's newest chapter as it met the following criteria: a name that was relevant to our area, one with ties to the American Revolutionary War, and one with a local site that could be visited.

Corn Island was settled by General George Rogers Clark, along with his militia and several settlers, on 27 May 1778. Once crops were planted at the settlement, it became known as Corn Island. From this western outpost, General Clark led his militia in the Illinois Campaign that captured Fort Vincennes from the British. After this victory, Clark sent word back to the settlement to move on shore. The relocated settlements was named Louisville, after King Louis XVI of France. A historically marked site in Louisville gives the history of Corn Island, nestled off shore amidst the waters of the Ohio River.