Cpt. John McKinley Chapter
Lexington, Kentucky

Pat Kimbrell, Regent
Karen Garrison, Vice Regent
Florence Mayer, Chaplain
Carol C. Daugherty, Recording Secretary
Carol C. Daugherty, Corresponding Secretary
Mildred Lawrence, Treasurer
Connie Kincer, Registrar
Rose Kelly, Historian
Anna Miller, Librarian
Alice Taylor, Parliamentarian

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John McKinley was born about 1740, in Ireland. He was married to Nancy Connelly in Cork, Ireland, October 10, 1763. They moved to Dublin where their first child, Elizabeth, was born on April 25, 1767. In 1769, they came to America and settled at Mt. Royal Forge, Maryland, where Thomas was born in 1769 and Harriet in 1771.

John McKinley entered the Revolutionary Army as a Sergeant in Colonel John Gibson's 13th Virginia Regiment. He was promoted to Lieutenant, and then to Captain. He served through the entire war and resigned his commission after the surrender of Cornwallis in 1781. He later joined Colonel William Crawford's ill-fated expedition against the Indians, and was captured and killed. His death occurred in 1782,

In June, 1924, under the leadership of (Mrs. William) Mary Ford Higgins Rodes, a third chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution was organized in Lexington, Kentucky. At the first meeting a name for the chapter was discussed, and it was unanimously voted to call the new chapter the Capt. John McKinley Chapter, honoring the memory of Mrs. Rodes' Revolutionary ancestor. In addition to organizing the chapter, she served a regent twice. Previous to organizing the Captain John McKinley Chapter, Mrs. Rodes had served as State Regent of Kentucky.