Capt. Stephen Ashby Chapter

Madisonville, Kentucky


Retha Jean Sanders, Regent

Candace Ashby, Vice Regent

Brenda Martin, Chaplain

Sharon Fugate, Recording Secretary

Sharon Fugate, Corresponding Secretary

Velma Gooden, Treasurer

Sharon Fugate, Registrar

Beverly Dockrey, Historian

Myra Bourland, Librarian


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The organizing meeting of the Captain Stephen Ashby Chapter was held at Madisonville, Kentucky, on November 20, 1946, after Mrs. Carl M. Polley had been appointed organizing regent at the October National Board Meeting.


The members honored Mrs. Polley by naming the chapter for her ancestor, Stephen Ashby. He was a son of Captain Thomas Ashby and was born in Prince William County, Virginia, before 1710. He was commissioned Captain of the Virginia Continental Line on September 9, 1776; of the Eighth Continental Line on September 14, 1778: retiring on January 1, 1787. At the close of the Revolution he removed to the land granted him in Mercer County on the Green River. A village established at that location, Ashbyburg, was named for his son, Stephen Ashby Junior.


Daniel Ashby, eldest son of Captain Stephen Ashby, served in the Revolutionary War along with his father. He was the first State Senator from Henderson County 1805-1808. In 1808, he was elected to the legislature from Henderson, Muhlenberg, and Livingston Counties.


The Ashbys, moderately well off with personality and qualifications for leadership, were prominent and influential citizens, well-known in the whole county west of Green River.






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