Fincastle Chapter
Louisville, Kentucky

Carol Catlin, Regent
Lisette Markham, Vice Regent
Linda Yewell Priddy, Chaplain
Dale White, Recording Secretary
Keitt Wood, Corresponding Secretary
Sandy Liles, Treasurer
Margaret Taylor, Registrar
Joni Bishop, Historian
Barbara Cooke, Librarian

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On Tuesday, May 6, 1902, twelve women met at the home of Belle Clay Lyons in Louisville to organize a new DAR chapter. These women were among fourteen who had met the previous Saturday, May 3, 1902 to resign as members of the John Marshall Chapter NSDAR. Reasons for the resignations have not been recorded. According to the minutes of May 6, 1902, the first item on the agenda was to select a name for the chapter. At the second meeting the name Fincastle Chapter was chosen and the newly written constitution was accepted at this meeting. 

A notable meeting was held on Saturday, October 25 in 1902 at the home of Regent Elizabeth Summers Middleton on Third Avenue. Honorary guests included President General Cornelia C. Fairbanks (Mrs. Charles W. Fairbanks, wife of the vice-president of the United States) who acted as sponsor of Fincastle Chapter and Mrs. W.H. Coleman, State Regent, who was to present the Charter to the chapter. News of the event appeared in the Courier-Journal on Sunday morning October 26, 1902. According to the write-up Mrs. Fairbanks made a "graceful" speech concerning the objectives of DAR "which are far above the limitations of ancestry" - those of perpetuating the memory of revolutionary men, deeds, and historic places.

The ideals upon which the NSDAR was founded has had great appeal to the many Fincastle Daughters who sought revolutionary ancestors with a passion. Photographs, newspaper clippings, proclamations, and letters preserved in scrapbooks are testimony to the continued interest and support of the daughters for historic, educational and patriotic service. These documents take us back to times when our ancestors were rebelling against too much control, fighting the British who represented that control, and their Native American allies. Numerous bronze markers have been placed at the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers by Fincastle Chapter; each tribute dignified with a formal ceremony preceded by a march to the grave and led by a color guard.

Fincastle's growth continued well into the new century reflecting the growth of the city of Louisville. The United States entered World War I in 1917 and Camp Zachary Taylor was established south of Louisville as a military training camp for draftees and enlisted men; the Spanish influenza epidemic swept through Camp Taylor and then Louisville. Fincastle members joined other women who were actively engaged in volunteer services relating to the war effort and to the needs of the sick.

At a meeting on January 17, 1920, Fincastle voted to mark a large white ash tree located in Camp Zachary Taylor, under which approximately a thousand "aliens" took the oath of allegiance on being inducted into the U.S. Army. On Armistice Day, November 11, 1921 a beautiful service dedicated a bronze tablet to those men. A full report of the occasion has been retained with the chapter minutes. The tablet carried this inscription:  Naturalization Tree Camp Zachary Taylor

Fincastle daughters have witnessed, been a part of, stood up to, survived, and remembered, the major events that have occurred in the city and the nation throughout the twentieth century:   

Fincastle Chapter celebrated its Centennial with a celebration on September 29, 2002. The chapter has enjoyed a century of success under the leadership of many capable Regents. Currently Regents and members are maintaining the standards of excellence guiding the chapter with a keen eye on service and the interests of the 21st Century woman.  Regular monthly business meetings include interesting programs relating to history, education, or patriotism, featuring a guest speaker, a musical program or a trip around Louisville Metropolitan vicinity.

Monthly meetings are held, the second Thursday of each month, at the Owl Creek Country Club.  Social time is 11:30 a.m. until noon with the opening meeting rituals starting at 12:00, noon.  We look forward to you joining us. 

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