Hart Chapter

Winchester, Kentucky


Teresa Lynn Savage Cowan, Regent

Barbara Disney, Vice Regent

Fara Tyree, Chaplain

Debra Bailey, Recording Secretary

Barbara Evans, Treasurer

Brenda Depp, Registrar

Elkin Francis Curtis, Historian

Suzanne Mesta, Librarian


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Hart chapter was named in honor of Nathaniel Hart and his brothers, Thomas and David, who were proprietors of the Transylvania Company. They were prominent pioneers at Boonesborough, one of the first fortified settlements in Kentucky. The Transylvania Company was in the business of purchasing land west of the Allegheny Mountains and encouraging settlement by offering sale of tracts of land. On March 17, 1775, the Company purchased 20,000.000 acres of land from the Cherokee Indians. Rumor had it that the Transylvania Company planned to petition the Continental Congress and to ask to be recognized as a member of the United Colonies.


Virginia objected to the influence and the control the land company garnered. Virginia authorized the creation of the county of Kentucky in December, 1776, to maintain control over the lands west of the Allegheny Mountains.


Nathaniel and Susannah Rice Hart's daughter, Miss Susannah Hart, married Isaac Shelby, who later became Kentucky's first Governor.


The organizational members of the Hart Chapter included Mrs. Mary Holloway Van Meter, organizing regent, Mrs. Mayme Tracy Scobee, vice regent; Mrs. Anne Fulton Holloway, secretary; Mrs. Marie Warren Beckner, registrar; Miss Mary Belle Field Miller, treasurer; Miss Georgia Owen Boston; Mrs. Ollie Goodloe Gregory Hall; Mrs. Mary Williams Holloway; Mrs. Fannie Jones Johns; Mrs. Elizabeth Woodcock Smith; Mrs. Lou Ecton Strother; Mrs. Grace Wheeler Booth Womack.





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