Jemima Boone Chapter

Richmond, Kentucky


Susie Durr, Regent

Debbie Parsons, Vice Regent

Carol Hehemann, Chaplain

Kathryn Turnbull, Recording Secretary

Kathryn Turnbull, Corresponding Secretary

Debra Parsons, Treasurer

Carol Hehemann, Registrar

Dinah Deck, Librarian


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The Jemima Boone Chapter, Daughter of the American Revolution, takes its name from the daughter of early explorer/pioneer legend, Captain Daniel Boone, and his wife, Rebecca Bryan. Jemima Boone was born on 4 Oct 1762 in Rowan County, North Carolina.


While growing up at Boonesborough, and when Jemima was about 14 years old, she and two of Colonel Richard Callaway's daughters, Elizabeth and Frances, were canoeing on the Kentucky River when they were overtaken by Indians. They were taken captive and carried off by the Indians. Not long after they were discovered missing, their fathers, along with Captain Nathaniel Hart, Captain David Guess, Samuel Henderson, Flanders Callaway, Colonel John Holder, and a few other men from Boonesborough, as well as three cabin builders, John McMillen, William Bush, and John Martin, formed a rescue party. A few days had passed since the girls were taken captive, and the Indians were caught unaware. All the girls were returned home safely.


The romance of the rescue of the young girls culminated in three separate events over the next year. The month after their escape from Indians, Elizabeth Callaway married Samuel Henderson. The following year, Jemima Boone married Flanders Callaway, and Frances Callaway married Colonel John Holder.


Flanders and Jemima Boone Callaway moved to Missouri after their marriage. Jemima's parents also relocated to the same area. Rebecca Boone died in 1813. At the time of Daniel's death, on September 26, 1820, he was living with his daughter, Jemima. Jemima Callaway died nine years later.





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