Lexington Chapter

Lexington, Kentucky


Clara Mae Bullock Wilson, Regent

Judy Kay Owens, Vice Regent

Patricia Bryant Gosser Blackburn, Chaplain

Cynthia Snider, Recording Secretary

Meredith Molloy Houston Maney, Corresponding Secretary

Susan Parker Long Mullins, Treasurer

Amelia Webb Wisner, Registrar

Donna Marie Amburgy Price, Historian

Karen Elizabeth Glancy McClanahan, Librarian


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In 1891, the Lexington Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized by sisters, Mrs. Issa Desha Breckinridge and Miss Mary Desha.  In 1890, while living in Washington D.C., Mary Desha was a founder of the National Society of the Daughters of the America Revolution.  She wanted a DAR chapter to be organized in her home state, Kentucky. Thus the first DAR chapter in Kentucky was founded. The chapter was named for the city where its founders resided. The city received its name when a runner informed the settlers encamped at McConnell Springs about the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts.  It was recounted that the colonists defied the British, and fired the shots heard round the world. The campers said, "Let us name this settlement Lexington.”


In 1896, really a remarkably short time from the Lexington Chapter’s founding, the chapter planned and funded an enormously impressive monument.  The Bryan Station monument was said to have been the first American monument to be erected by women for women.  The monument’s historic significance marks the spring where the women of Bryan Station or Fort fetched water while the Indians were laying siege.  The women’s names are carved on the walls as a memorial to their bravery.  The monument has been preserved several times and in 2019, extensive repair again occurs.  The spring still bubbles within the walls of this stone monument as it did during the 1782 courageous event.


Lexington Chapter is an active community service, historic preservation, veterans volunteer, educational, conservation and genealogical organization.  Caring and friendly women enjoy working together to better their city and state  We welcome new members.





Updated May 20, 2019

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