Limestone Chapter

Maysville, Kentucky


Sonja Darlene Riggen Eads, Regent

Jan Towler Applegate, Vice Regent

Sharyn White-Coe, Chaplain

Patricia Dorton Whitaker, Recording Secretary

Joyce Rose, Corresponding Secretary

Dena Chapman Green, Treasurer

Charlotte Landreth Allison, Registrar

Virginia Johnson Wallingford, Historian

Barb Verville, Librarian


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊




Limestone Chapter at Maysville bears the name by which the settlement at that place was first known.


Soon after the Revolution, there was a rush of people from the older parts of the country to Kentucky. Simon Kenton, and others, had explored the region and returned to Virginia with marvelous tales about the rich cane lands and mighty forests. The easiest and safest way to reach this wonderful land was to go to Fort Pitts, obtain a flat boat, and float down the Ohio River. These settlers, coming to Kentucky, were told to look for the place where a point of land jutted out into the river at the mouth of a creek. That place was called Limestone, the best landing place on the river.





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