Logan-Whitley Chapter
Stanford, Kentucky

Janet Smith Nustad, Regent
Mary Jo Herrington Gibson, Vice Regent
Susan Berra Blanton, Chaplain
Cynthia Reed Williams, Recording Secretary
Nancy Carter Ball, Corresponding Secretary
Lynda Williams Closson, Treasurer
Ruth Ann Herrington, Registrar
Joanne Hale Bright, Historian
Martha Netts Camenisch, Librarian

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


The chapter, organized in 1915, was named for Benjamin Logan and William Whitley, two outstanding pioneers and patriots from this section of Kentucky while still part of Virginia.

In 1775, Benjamin Logan established St. Asaph's or Logan's Fort, the second fort to be located in the Kentucky County of Virginia. In 1781, Logan donated land for the building of Kentucky's first courthouse, located at Stanford. This town, the second oldest in the state, was established in 1786. Logan fought many battles against the Indians during the early years of life while in this area.

William Whitley, from whom the chapter gets the latter part of its name, was an Indian conqueror and later, their friend. Whitley led 17 battles against the Indians before a peaceful co-existence. He established Whitley's Fort, and built the first brick house west of the Alleghenies on the Old Wilderness Road, between Stanford and Crab Orchard, Kentucky, during the years of 1783-1786. He also led the Forlorn Hope in the War of 1812.