Mountain Trail Chapter
Harlan, Kentucky

Pamela Surgener Brewer, Regent
Dianna Short, Vice Regent
Julia Mitchell, Chaplain
Arlene Kaye Jones Brown, Recording Secretary
Arlene Kaye Jones Brown, Corresponding Secretary
Theresa Coleman, Treasurer
Victoria Farley, Registrar
Sandra Lee Miller Mullins, Historian
Patsy Sue Pate, Librarian

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The Mountain Trail Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized in 1930. Organizing Regent Mabel Green (Mrs. S.J. Condon) was appointed Oct. 15, 1930 serving until May 15, 1931 when officers were elected.

The First meeting was held on Feb 6, 1931 by Miss Green at the home of her mother, Mrs. George Green, Green Terrace, Harlan, Kentucky. Regular meetings were held at night and there has been little change in the Order of Business. They did open with song--America and ended with a social hour.

There were 21 charter members who were residents of Harlan.

Hazel Rice Atchison
Margaret Eager Green
Maggie Rice Green
Dorcus Ussery Gunn
Matt Eager Howard
Georgia Howard Jones
Nell Hall Jones
Lucy Ward Lewis
Nina Howard McKinley
Eva Green Noel
Mollie Carter Nolan
Mary Springer Robinson
Edna Hall Smith
Sudie Forester Spillman
Sudie Brittain Ward
Clay Carter Whitfield

Ruby Carter
Mabel Green
Margaret Howard
Annie Laurie Rice
Sudie Smith

Non-Resident Members
Maude McFadden Clark
Ivy Kelly Hicks
Mildred Jones Lloyd
Cora Rice Lewis
Irene Smith May
Adde Jones Shanklin
May Rice Smith
Thelma Ward
Anna Mae Lewis

Honorary Member
Millie Carter Milham

Some of the subjects used for programs in the early years were Ellis Island, Declaration of Independence, Indian Lore, Pioneer Wives, Slave Days, Olde Thanksgiving, Famous men of December, Lincoln and Washington, and Conservation & Thrift.

The early meetings were held at the Joe Kelly Hotel, later purchased by Ben Lewallen and known as the Lewallen Hotel on Cumberland Avenue in Harlan.

The name Mountain Trail is believed to have been submitted by Mavel Green and committee. Actual source is unknown but the members were all pleased with it.

The Charter and old minute books have been lost which the members before us attribute the loss being because of the terrible floods we have had in the area.

Through the leadership of Miss Mabel Green a project was started to locate and mark the graves of Revolutionary Soldiers who died and were buried in Harlan County.

On Nov. 27, 1932 a Memorial Service was held at the grave of Samuel Howard, who was born in Buckingham County, VA 1762 and died in Harlan County, KY 1840. He was in a skirmish a Dismal Swamp and at Yorktown when Cornwallis surrendered. He came to Harlan County 1796. NOTE: The grave of Samuel, his wife and infant were moved to RESTHAVEN CEMETARY with a Memorial Service served with the OLD GUARD in May 2017!

September 1939 the chapter dedicated a bronze tablet at Cawood, Ky, which they had erected to the memory of the first white child born in Harlan County, Nancy Turner daughter of William Turner and Susan Bailey Turner and granddaughter of Carr Bailey, Revolutionary soldier and one of the first settlers in this county. Nancy Turner was born 1795 on Clover Fork at the mouth of Yocum’s Creek near the present town of Evarts. On March 3, 1814 she married John Cawood, son of Berry Cawood, a Revolutionary Soldier. NOTE: There was a bronze tablet commemorating Berry's grave, both Nancy Turner and Berry Cawood monuments have been vandalized and are non-existent.

The members of the chapter worked hard during the war years doing Red Cross work and knitting for soldiers. They sponsored concerts, rook, and bridge parties in order to make enough money for contributions for blood plasma for our wounded and for contributions to approved schools.

In the 1940’s the chapter had some of the most successful years under the leadership of Mrs William Noel Regent who worked untiringly for the success of the chapter. They sponsored musical concerts, parade of old wedding gowns,, Barter Theatre plays and rook and bridge parties and accepted many new members during Mrs Noel’s time as Regent.

The chapter contributed more than twelve hundred dollars to the Library Building Fund, a thousand of which was given to the chapter by Mr. W. J. Cunningham of the Crummies Creek Coal Co. honoring the memory of his wife, Claire Gouger Cunningham who died in Oct 1948 and who was a member of this chapter. We have had reserved to the memory of Mrs. Cunningham at our national headquarters in Washington, a hundred dollar page in the Memory Book, a filing cabinet and another unnamed object.

On Oct. 8, 1933 the chapter dedicated a marker which had been erect at the grave of Lewis Green, Revolutionary Soldier, Mr. Green entered service at the age of 25 and was stationed at Blackamon’s Fort on the Clinch River where he was detailed along with other scouts to protect the frontiers from Indians. Soon after the war he came to Harlan where he lived the remainder of his life.

Oct 22, 1933 the chapter dedicated a marker which had been erected at the grave of Berry Cawood, Revolutionary Soldier, Mr. Cawood enlisted at the age of 17. He and 5 other men were ordered to guard families living on the forks of the Clinch River. In 1776 he enlisted again and was ordered to join General Christie in his campaign against the Cherokees. In 1778 he went on a trading expedition to the Illinois town and there enlisted in Col. George Rogers Clark’s Regiment. They marched to the Northwest to a fort on the Wabash and captured a hundred British troops commanded by Hamilton without the loss of a single life. They brought these prisoners down the Wabash River to the Ohio, onto the Ohio Falls where they landed and marched to Harrodsburg. There he received his discharge. He was known as an Indian fighter and wore Indian scalps on his belt.

In May 1937 our chapter was host for the 6th District meeting which was held in the Presbyterian Church. The State Regent and other distinguished State Officers and guests were present.

On Sept 13, 1937 the chapter dedicated a marker which had been erected on the Court House lawn honoring the memory of eleven Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots:

Carr Bailey
James Brock
Berry Cawood
Henry DePriest
Lewis Green
Samuel Howard
James Hall
Stephen Jones
Ephriam Osborne
Henry Shackleford
Henry Smith

Through the years the members of the Mountain Trail Chapter have contributed their time, money and interest to the National Defense, Good Citizenship, Approved Schools, and other projects of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.

In 1952 American History Month was first proclaimed by the Governor of Kentucky in response to a request by Mrs. Noel, Kentucky State Chairman of Americanism. Eva Noel was Regent of the chapter from 1947-1950.

Much has been written on the history of Eva Green Noel and her sister, Mabel Green Condon as both have been very active in the community. They are remembered by many. Eva as a talented musician, Mabel as the author of a “History of Harlan County”.

DAR markers have been placed at several locations in Harlan County for our Revolutionary War Soldiers. As times changed there is no longer access to the locations of some of the graves. Permission must be granted to cross property lines and vandals have been at work on the markers. We have been at work on this with some of the families involved. Some may have to be moved to new locations.

In recent years emphasis was placed on selecting a Good Citizen representative from each of the four county schools. All winners were honored with a luncheon held at the Harlan Presbyterian Church. At this event we entertained not only the student winner from each school, but we had parents, grandparents, and school personnel. The over-all winner receives a cash award, all school winners receive a pin and certificate.

The outstanding Jr. ROTC members were given medals.

The chapter continues to take items to the Veterans hospital.

Miss Mable Green, Organ zing Regent Oct 1930-May 1931
Mrs. Mary Springer Robinson May 1931-May 1932
Mrs. Sudie Smith May 1932-May 1937
Mrs. Lucy Forester Smith May 1937-May 1938
Mrs. Lucy Ward Lewis May 1938-May 1940
Miss Sudie Smith May 1940-May 1941
Miss George Ellen Gaines May 1941-May 1943
Miss Margaret Hamlett Eversole May 1943-May 1944
Mrs. Dorcas Ussery Gunn May 1944- May 1945
Mrs. Sudie Forester Spillman May 1945-May 1947
Mrs. Eva Green Noel May 1947-May 1950
Mrs. George Ellen Green May 1950-Dec. 1952
Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Welch Dec 1952-May 1953
Mrs. Clara VanBever Wardrup May 1953-May 1955
Mrs. Dessie Corley Jones May 1955-May 1957
Mrs. Betty Rayborn Cornett May 1957-May 1960
Mrs. Agnes Asher Bailey May 1960-May 1962
Mrs. Green Noel May 1962-May 1964
Mrs. Mildred King Henritze May 1964-May 1967
Mrs. Caroline Gooding May 1967-May 1968
Mrs. Sudie Forester Spillman May 1968-May 1971
Mrs. Howard Elliott May 1971-May 1972
Mrs. Lucy Ball Roark May 1972-May 1977
Mrs. Jayne W. Hendrickson May 1977- May 1981
Mrs. Lucy Ball Roark May 1981-May 1983
Mrs. Elizabeth Robbins May 1983-May 1985
Mrs. Allie Gordon Kaylor May 1985-May 1987
Mrs. Evelyn Cornett May 1987-May 1992
Ms. Arlene Jones Brown May 1992-May 1995
Mrs. Evelyn Cornett May 1995-Sep 1997
Mrs. Barbara McSpadden Vowell Sep 1997-Jun 2002
Mrs. Sandra Miller Mullins Jun 2002-Jun 2010
Mrs. Dianna Hensley Short Jun 2010-Jun 2018
Mrs. Pamela Surgener Brewer Jun 2018-