Nicolas Mercer Chapter
Monticello, Kentucky

Linda F. Darnell, Regent
Daphine Youngberg, Vice Regent
Edith Frye, Chaplain
Joy McGinnis, Recording Secretary
Maxine Stephens, Treasurer
Judith Lawson, Registrar
Cassie Munsey, Librarian

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The Nicholas Mercer Chapter NSDAR held a preliminary meeting on Saturday, Jan. 23, 1965, for the purpose of organizing a local chapter. Nine women from the Wayne area were present. Edwina Gibson, the organizing regent, was in charge. The following officers were elected: Edwina Gibson, Regent; Lillian Dodson, Vice-Regent; Ermon Hatfield Recording Secretary; Lennie Cooper, Corresponding Secretary; Lelia Daffron, Treasurer; Imogene Vickery, Registrar; Lytha Ann Underwood, Historian; Nannie Correll, Librarian; and Emogene Cooper, Chaplain. A telegram was sent to the NSDAR Organizing Secretary General in Washington, D. C., telling her that the local chapter was in the process of holding its organizing meeting.

The local group voted to accept the name of Nicholas Mercer as the name of the chapter. This name was chosen because he was the patriot of several of the organizing members. Nicholas Mercer fought in the American Revolution for the colony of South Carolina. He enlisted in the 5th South Carolina Infantry on July 6, 1776, and was appointed a sergeant on July 17, 1776. He served in the army for eight years and later moved to Wayne County around 1803.

Nicholas Mercer Chapter – Patriots

Henry Baugh
William Bertram
James Chitwood
Reuben Coffey
Fredrick Cooper
George E. Dodson
Stephen Fisher
John Francis
John Garth
Michael Hoffecker
Edward Long
Nicholas Mercer
Jesse Rector
Emanuel Sodowsky
William Toney
Shadrack Williams
John Woodson