Paducah Chapter
Paducah, Kentucky

Regent, Kathie Grassham
First Vice Regent, Vonnie Shelton
Secretary, Sandra DeForge
Co-Treasurers, Heidi Handley & Kathy Toy
Chaplain, Sharon Bray
Co-Registrars, Cindy Byrd & Judy Wasko
Historian, Phyllis Bradford
Librarian, Michelle Batcher
Parliamentarian, Sue Carrigan
Webmaster, Michelle Batcher

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The Paducah Chapter was formed by Mrs. E.E. Reed in 1897, when the National Society was only seven years old.  The chapter chose the name “Paducah Chapter” in honor of Chief Paduke, whom they believed accompanied George Rogers Clark on his expedition.  For a time, Paducah was home to a second DAR chapter: The Fort Jefferson Chapter. This chapter was organized by Mrs. Rosina White Bradshaw in 1910, and remained active until the late 1930s. The Fort Jefferson Chapter provided the State Society with a report in 1937, but did not do so in 1938.  It may have been a telling understatement that later in the year, the Regent of the Paducah Chapter reported, “We have not been so active this year on the account of the flood.”  Shortly after this, the two chapters merged.

Between them, the Paducah Chapter became active in state and national-level DAR activities.  Several state officers and one State Regent have come from the Paducah Chapter, and two State Conferences were held here.  The chapter has also provided leadership for a Children of the American Revolution Chapter since 1976. 

The Paducah Chapter has been active in local civic service since its inception.  One of the earliest contributions of the Paducah Chapter was providing safe drinking fountains throughout the city.  The Chief Paduke Statue located at 17th Street and Jefferson Street was originally purchased by the Paducah DAR as part of a public fountain at 5th Street and Broadway in 1909 and is the only fountain remaining today.

The bust of George Washington that currently resides in the Market House Museum was cast for the Paducah Chapter to present to the old Washington High School as part of the dedication ceremony of the school, and stayed there until the school was demolished.  The Market House Theatre and Museum was preserved as a result of action by the membership of the Paducah Chapter, working with the city fathers, circulating petitions, and raising funds.

More recently, the Paducah Chapter contributed to the Veterans Memorial at the McCracken County Courthouse, participated in the Columbus Quincentennial, and American flags to new citizens at naturalization ceremonies held in Paducah.  The chapter celebrated its centennial on December 2, 1997 in a ceremony that included a special luncheon and the placing of a commemorative  stone near the McCracken County Courthouse.  On December 2, 2017 the Paducah chapter commemorated its 120th anniversary with a tea and cake celebration.

Currently the chapter assists the city with activities surrounding Veterans Day and Presidents Day.  In 2014, the chapter partnered with the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commission and honored over one thousand Vietnam Veterans by holding ceremonies including bringing the traveling “Wall That Heals” to Paducah in October 2018.