Peter Foree Chapter
LaGrange, Kentucky

Sandra Chastain-Brough, Regent
Genie Fortunato, Vice Regent
Lisa Anderson, Chaplain
Debbie Dietrich, Recording Secretary
Patricia St. Clair, Treasurer
Vivian Stewart, Registrar

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


The Peter Foree Chapter, NSDAR, was organized April 17, 1953, by Mrs. Major E. (Juanita Garr) Holmes and Mrs. Richard (Jean Kay Rutherford) Radcliffe. Mrs. Holmes was the Organizing Regent serving until 1955, then again from 1963-1965. She was a descendant of Peter Foree, who served as a private under Colonel Joseph Williams and Captains McAnally, Morgan, and Henderson in Surry County, North Carolina.

Peter, of French Huguenot descent, was born to Pierre and Marie Faure in Cumberland County, Virginia, on 25 October 1744. He moved to North Carolina where he served ten tours during the Revolution, from March 1776 to April 1781. He was married to Sarah "Sally" Pryor/Prior around 1770 and had eight sons and one daughter. In the late 1790s, they moved to Henry County, Kentucky, about 3/4 mile from New Castle. Peter filed for and received a pension in 1834 (*S31036, Peter "Force.") He died in Henry County, Kentucky, at age 99 on March 20, 1844, and is buried in the New Castle Cemetery. His grave was marked by this chapter.