Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter
Kenton County, Kentucky

Janet Sue Nieman Kinney, Regent
Kathleen Dawn Watson Brown Plake, Vice Regent
Nancy Jane Rouse Bassarab, 2nd Vice Regent
Kathleen Dawn Watson Brown Plake, Chaplain
Louise Mary Elliott Canter, Recording Secretary
___________________, Corresponding Secretary
Diana Kay Webb,Treasurer
Jeanne Ellen Steele, Registrar
Ruth Green Korzenborn, Historian
Rhonda Lee Burgess Warren, Librarian

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The Rebecca Bryan Boone Chapter was organized in Newport on 07 January 1897. It was named for the heroic wife of Daniel Boone, the first white woman who came to make her permanent home in Kentucky. The Regent, Mrs. James Arnold, was the descendant of Gov. James Garrard, the second governor of Kentucky; of Col. Thomas Hart, one of the proprietors of the Transylvania Company, and of a number of other distinguished men.

The chapter enthusiastically engaged in raising the money to restore Daniel Boone’s monument in the cemetery of Frankfort, which was injured during the civil war. They sent out circulars asking every child in the schools in Kentucky to give a penny and asked the Superintendents to observe October 22 as Boone’s day by reading extracts from his life and recounting to the children some of his adventures in the wilderness “that baptized his chosen State as ‘the dark and bloody ground.’ “ The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) 05 Dec 1897; Sunday, Page 23.