Rockcastle Chapter
Mount Vernon, Kentucky

Karen Faye Hamm Adams, Regent
Debra Jean White Brown, Vice Regent
Natalie Neal Pybas Taylor, Chaplain
Sonya Edwina Anglin, Recording Secretary
Amanda Lin Neely NcNew, Treasurer
Doris Jean Albright Gentry, Registrar
Tonya Jean Oxendine Cook, Historian
Jamieson "Jamie" Ella Anderkin Bryant, Librarian

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This chapter takes its name from the Rockcastle River, as does the county where it is located. This river, a designated Kentucky Wild Scenic river, got its name from the majestic cliffs that tower above the waters.

In 1750, Thomas Walker noted a rock on a mountain above Livingston that resembled a castle, and in 1767, Isaac Lindsey named this rock Castle Rock. The river below was named Rockcastle.

Two pioneer trails, Boone's Trace and the Wilderness Road, intersect in Rockcastle at Mt. Vernon, which became the fork in the trail, as Daniel Boone made his way from North Carolina to Boonesborough. Many a Revolutionary War patriot traveled this route to a new beginning, after the end of a long and victorious struggle for independence.