Susannah Hart Shelby Chapter
Frankfort, Kentucky

Carolyn Trautner Bond, Regent
Sarah Hatfield Herndon, Vice Regent
Ruthann Hazlett, Chaplain
Kathy Robinson, Recording Secretary
Kathy Robinson, Corresponding Secretary
Carolyn Trautner Bond, Treasurer
Elizabeth Case, Registrar
Lane Butler Jacobs, Historian
Lane Butler Jacobs, Librarian

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Chapters are sometimes name for pioneer women who risked the dangers of the wilderness. The first DAR chapter in the Capital City was named the Susannah Hart Shelby in honor of the first-first lady of Kentucky, wife of the first governor of Kentucky, who married at the first fort in this Garden of the Western Hemisphere.

Susannah was the daughter of Nathaniel Hart, one of the proprietors of the Transylvania Company. She came with her parents from North Carolina and lived for a time in Boonesborough. Isaac Shelby, a dashing young lieutenant who afterwards became conspicuous in three wars, twice governor of Kentucky, soldier, statesman, leader, and hero of King Mountain, was on military duty at Boonesborough. Young Shelby fell in love with the attractive, vivacious Susannah Hart and they were married in the spring of 1783 by Squire Boone, Daniel's brother. History records that the fair Susannah raised a crop of flax on her father's place near the fort. She spun and wove it into material so exquisitely fine for her wedding dress that it could be drawn through her wedding ring. Thus, the name of Susannah Hart Shelby is like a golden thread of romance and sentiment, and is woven with the warp and woof of the early history and traditions of Kentucky.

Among the charter members of this chapter were three sisters, who owned and resided at Liberty Hall, the first fine home built in Frankfort. It is a beautiful example of Georgian architecture, designed by Thomas Jefferson, a lifelong friend of the builder, John Brown, who later became the first U.S. Senator from Kentucky. In October after its organization, the chapter was hostess to the first DAR Conference held in Kentucky. Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, President General, of Washington, came for the meeting and was entertained at Liberty Hall by her sister-in-law Mrs. W.T. Scott.

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